Hi. I'm Miles Hobby.

I am passionate about programming because I get to solve puzzles and learn new skills all day. The wide-array of logical problems I face as a Software Engineer keeps me excited and engaged. I especially enjoy scouring over code to find bugs and optimizations. I am experienced building web-applications with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React/Redux, Django, and WebRTC. All my friends know me as a fitness fanatic; if I'm not coding, I'm probably either lifting heavy weights or playing basketball.

I'm looking for an opportunity where I can use my skills to make a difference and learn a lot in the process. Click here to take a look at my resume.

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Here are some of my recent projects


Event4u is a single-page web application inspired by Eventbrite where users can host, browse, and save events. The back-end was built with Ruby on Rails and a PostgreSQL database. React with Redux was implemented on the front-end to maintain an organized state and yield a seamless user experience.


TurnTable is a browser based musical step sequencer where users can compose beats by clicking, dragging, and spinning a three-dimensional cube! Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS were used for this application. 3-D effects were accomplished using CSS transforms and transitions.

Small Talk

Small Talk is a mobile application where users get matched to video chat based upon common interests. Django Channels with WebSockets were used to implement a signaling server for WebRTC in order to estbalish a video chat connection, while React Native was used on the front-end. (Still in progress).


Phone - 831-239-4807

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